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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Taking too much vitamin-C to avoid corona, can be dangerous side effects

To avoid coronavirus, it is very important to have strong immune system. 
Medical experts have confirmed the claim that people whose immune system is weak, they are more at risk of corona. On the other hand, people with strong immunity are not much at risk from the corona virus. Whether we talk about the first wave of corona or the second wave in the country, people are looking very serious about their immunity. However, this seriousness of people can also become a big problem for them. Yes, to avoid corona, the way people are indiscriminately consuming vitamin C to improve their immune system, it can prove to be very dangerous for them.

Take vitamin-C
Corona virus only on the advice of a doctor . It is very important to have a good immunity. People are now consuming vitamin-C rich fruits for better immunity. Apart from this, many people are also eating vitamin-C pills on a large scale without knowing the advantages and disadvantages. While it may be dangerous to consume vitamin-C in large amounts. Excess of vitamin-C in the body can lead to many problems. This is the reason why to take the right amount of Vitamin-C, please consult the doctor.

Excess of vitamin-C in the body can cause these problems,
if experts believe that excessive vitamin-C intake can cause problems like diarrhea. In this, you may have to face stomach related problems. Along with vomiting and diarrhea, dehydration can also occur. Not only this, taking vitamin-C in large amounts can also cause stomach pain, cramps or torsion. Apart from this, problems like insomnia, headache, restlessness while sleeping at night, nausea, burning sensation in the chest can also occur. In order to avoid any such problem during the time of disaster, the right amount of vitamin-C should be consumed only on the advice of the doctor.

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