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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Masks are as important to avoid corona as condoms to avoid HIV, Know How

The second recovery of Corona is not being possible, in the meantime, the possibility of a third wave is also being raised. 
Three days ago the Director General of CSIR, Dr. Shekhar Mande, expressed such apprehension and now Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS has said that India may also face the third wave of Corona. Many experts are saying that complete lockdown is necessary, so many believe that lockdown cannot be a solution. Dr. Guleria has said that there is no use of Night Curfew and Weekend Lockdown at this time.

According to an India Today report, Dr. Guleria said that if the corona epidemic continued to grow in this way and succeeded in developing an immune escape mechanism, then India might have to face the third wave of corona. However, amidst the possibility of a third wave, wearing masks is said to be urgent. Experts believe that at this time it is better to make people aware of safe contact than preventing social contact.

Corona compares to HIV, mask to condom

Vaccine researcher and well-known virologist Dr. Kanekara Jacob John wants to reach out to governments and people by giving examples of HIV. According to the Outlook India report, he says,

What did you want when HIV came? Distance from sexual relations or safe sex? It is difficult to live without sexual relations, provided that it is safe to have sex. Safe sex here means condom use. It is well known that people all over the world chose condoms. So it is better to have a social contact than to prevent social contact. That means wearing a mask is a better defense and not a lockdown.

According to the report last month, even when the lockdown was imposed in the country last year, Dr. John was not in favor of this decision. According to him, man is a social animal and cannot live without meeting each other. Preventing mating affects their mental health.

Other virologists believe the same

Professor Vasanthapuram Ravi, who is on the Advisory Board of Sputnik V Vaccine, also believes that putting complete lockdown cannot be a solution to the problem and it is not entirely possible. According to Prof. Ravi, 'people's behavior cannot be changed forcibly. Abundance people do not want to wear masks. Even in the early times of HIV, people were not ready to wear condoms. He said that making people aware about making safe sex is a better option than convincing them not to have sex.

Virologist Prof Ramaswamy Pichpan also believes that lockdown has many disadvantages. Lockdown has a bad effect on a large section. According to him, instead of imposing lockdown, it is necessary to tell people about the new Kovid protocol. It will be better for the world to get used to wearing masks.

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