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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Surya Grahan 2021: know when and how you can see 'Ring of Fire' on June 10?

More recently, the first lunar eclipse of the year 2021 was concluded. 
This lunar eclipse was very special in itself. However, it appeared in only a few parts of India, especially in Bengal. After seeing the first lunar eclipse of 2021, the super blood moon, now get ready to see the first solar eclipse on 10 June.

Like a lunar eclipse, a solar eclipse is going to be a rare occurrence. This will mark the rare scene of 'Ring Eclipse' or 'Ring of Fire'. This happens when the Sun and the Moon are exactly the same as the Earth, because the Moon does not completely cover the Sun, so it forms a ring-like structure around the Sun.

Where will the solar eclipse appear 2021?

This year, the annular solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Greenland, north-eastern Canada, the North Pole and the Russian Fast East. Whereas partial solar eclipse will occur in Europe, North America, Asia, Arctic and Atlantic regions. In India, except for Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Ladakh, solar eclipse 2021 will not be visible.

When will the eclipse 2021 appear?

The solar eclipse will begin at sunrise on the north side of Canada, northern Ontario and Lake Superior, while the full eclipse will begin at 5:49 am EDT on June 10. Canadians can see the rare event, 'Ring of Fire'. This will be for a short duration of 3 minutes 51 seconds.

Whereas according to local time in Greenland, 'Ring of Fire' will be seen when it reaches its peak in the afternoon. From there it will be visible in the North Pole and Siberia.

How to see 'Ring of Fire'?

Those who want to see this rare phenomenon, they should wear special eye protective gear because looking directly at the sun can cause serious injury to the eyes. Therefore, people are advised to wear either special eye gear, welder glass or pinhole camera to watch the solar eclipse.

These are some important precautions, through which you can easily see this solar eclipse.

According to a report, the next annular 'ring of fire' solar eclipse will not happen until October 14, 2023.

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