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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Five plants that should not be planted in the courtyard of the house, know the reason!

According to Vastu, trees and plants are also related to the prosperity of the house. 
If trees and plants are planted in the right direction, then they bring prosperity in the family, while if their directions are wrong, then they cause many problems. In Vastu it is forbidden to plant some plants in the courtyard or around the house. Know about them

1. Any tree which has thorns should not be planted in the courtyard of the house. Thorny plants bring negativity to the house and cause many problems. It is believed that planting such saplings increases the home affliction and financial crisis. Although roses are the exception.

2. Tamarind tree should also never be planted in the house. It is believed that planting tamarind tree causes diseases in the house. Apart from this, mutual relations get sour, due to which the environment of the house is spoiled. At the same time, there is a fear of negative effects.

3. Although Peepal tree is considered very auspicious, it is also worshiped. But its plant should never be planted indoors or around the outer gate. It is believed that it causes money loss. However, the scientific reason for this is that the roots of peepal tend to spread far and wide, so they can damage the walls of the house. Therefore, if a Peepal plant grows in your house, it should be uprooted and planted near a temple or in a holy place.

4. Many people plant the plant of madar at home, but according to Vastu, it is not considered good. It is believed that any such plant, including Madar, which produces milk, should not be planted indoors. This leads to negativity.

5. The palm tree definitely enhances the beauty of the house, but it should be avoided. According to Vastu, applying it stops the progress of the members of the house and there is financial crisis in the family.

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