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Monday, May 3, 2021

SBI cautions 40 crore customers! Don't use this app, otherwise your bank account will be empty

The country's largest bank has issued a special alert for its more than 400 million customers. 
In such a situation, if you are also a customer of SBI, then you must know about it. In fact, during the Corona virus epidemic, there has been a steady increase in bank fraud cases. These thugs are finding new ways to lime people. In view of this, SBI also periodically tells customers to be careful with them through SMS, e-mail and social media. SBI tries to ensure that its customers do not fall prey to any such fraud.

Along with alerting customers from time to time on behalf of SBI, it also tells about ways to avoid them. As an SBI customer, you should also keep these things in mind so that you can secure your hard-earned money. On Sunday, through one such tweet, SBI has asked its crores of customers to be careful.

How are these customers making people a victim of fraud?

Actually, in order to clean people's bank accounts, these fraudsters call themselves customer service representatives of the bank. These fraudsters call customers and say that their KYC information has been expired. In order to continue banking services, the customer has to complete the KYC process.

After getting this information from these fake customer service representatives, many customers panic in panic and give them the necessary information related to their account and identity. After this, the customer's account is cleared.

Accessing the phone and steals important information

Nowadays, these thugs try to access their smartphones through the Quick View app in addition to soliciting KYC documents from customers. If a customer gets caught in this trap, then they steal all sensitive and private information from their smartphone in the name of KYC. It contains the necessary information including the customer's account ID, password.

Take care of these things to avoid such a thug

But as a customer you can avoid this. For this, you just have to be careful. If you also get such a call, then do not get into the trap of these fraudsters and block that number to cut the call.

Also, you should take care not to give quci control of your phone, computer or laptop to any unknown person. Do not exchange your personal information with anyone.

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