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Monday, May 3, 2021

Even after a few months of recovery, death may occur from Corona!

Every human being is terrified of the situation that has arisen across the country as a result of the epidemic. 
Everyone is mentally disturbed by the fear that the virus (corona virus) can spread to any human body.

The symptoms of corona virus are changing every day and more and more new symptoms are coming to the fore through research. As a result of corona virus (corona virus) those who are showing some mild symptoms in their body are able to heal themselves by being in self isolation.

But in some people the symptoms are becoming more complex. Not only that, but the new symptoms that have been revealed are that those who have corona (corona virus) are taking a complex shape, they are still at risk of death for many months after recovery

Another study found that those with mild symptoms were more likely to develop new symptoms after several months. For this test, data was collected from more than 6,000 infected and 5 million patients with initial symptoms.

This shows that those who have been infected with the corona virus have a 59% chance of death up to six months after recovery, compared to those who have not.

The study found that 8 out of 1,000 people died of coronary heart disease within 6 months of contracting the symptoms.

Tests show that those who show signs of the disease for a long time have an increased risk of contracting other diseases besides shortness of breath. Later, they developed a number of problems, including stroke, neurological disorders, depression, diabetes, heart problems, diarrhea, gastrointestinal damage, kidney disease, hair loss, and fatigue.

Research shows that the chances of death remain high for up to six months after infection. Even if mild symptoms appear, the chance of death cannot be ruled out.

The more severe the infection, the greater the chance of death. So the effects of this infection can remain in a patient's body for the next several years.

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