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Sunday, May 9, 2021

International Mothers Day 2021: Today is Mother's Day, know the history and importance of this day

Mother is a beautiful creation made by God, who keeps giving her child unconditional love and support throughout her life. 
It is very difficult to define the mother in any way. There cannot be a precise definition of mother. But people adopt different methods to express their love for the mother.

Well, a writer, Charles Bennetto, has beautifully defined mother in a coat, which states, "When you are looking at your mother, you are seeing the pure love that you will probably know." " Mother's Day is celebrated to celebrate the love of a mother and to give tributes to them. Learn about the history of this day, how we celebrate and what is the significance of this day?

When is Mother's Day?

Every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother's Day. This year, Mother's Day is being celebrated on 9 May.

History of mother's day

Mother's Day was first celebrated in America when a woman named Ana Jarvis placed a memorial to her mother and paid tribute to it as it was her mother's last wish before she died. Later, she continued to do so for three years after the death of her mother and after that, she started celebrating this day to pay tribute to all mothers and celebrated this day as Mother's Day in America. .

He also launched a campaign to celebrate this day as National Day. However, her request was denied but a Proclamation was signed in 1941 and it was announced that from now on, every second Sunday of May would be celebrated as Mother's Day.

How do people celebrate this day?

On this day, people give gifts to their mother to always be there and to express their love. Apart from this, people also write many things in beautiful letters for their mother and cut cake and make their mother's favorite food on Mother's Day. People do many such things to make their mother feel good to express their love towards the mother.

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