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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Empty injection is very dangerous can cause for death

All of us must have had injections for some reason or the other. 
While injecting, you must have also noticed that the doctors always fill the syringe with the medicine and remove the air in it. Two methods are commonly used to remove air from syringes. The doctor either blows with his finger to remove the air present in the syringes so that the bubble made of air is over, or the medicine filled in the syringes is slightly removed so that the air along with it comes out . But have you ever wondered why the air filled in the syringes is removed?

Air bubbles are formed in the body
before injecting any patient, the doctor or nurse expels the air present in the syringes. If this is not done, then the air bubble will run in our body along with the medicine, which can cause problems in the blood flow. These bubbles can obstruct the blood flow to the brain, which can have serious consequences. Not only this, if the air bubbles entering our body through the injection go out near the heart, it can also lead to death. Experts tell that if this bubble is small enough, it reduces the scope of dangerous results, but if this bubble is large, then it can be very dangerous, so dangerous that it can even kill someone.

Empty injection can lead to death,
many people have the question that what can be done by injecting empty? First of all, you have to know that the job of injection is to inject medicine into the body and not to inject air. Any kind of messing with the body can be very dangerous and can even be killed. Empty injection contains large amounts of air. If someone is injected empty, large air bubbles can form in his body which can stop the blood flow completely and this can lead to death of a human being. So never make fun of anyone with empty injection.

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