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Thursday, May 13, 2021

How many times a person can have sex in his life, revealed in the survey

This is one of the most personal questions you can ask anyone, how many people have you slept with? 
This sounds strange, but the truth is that people like to ask such questions and answer them. Especially adult people enjoy it. There are many people who like to have sex with more than one partner. Those people believe that it is necessary for physical and mental health. According to the news published in the 
Mirror , a new survey in the UK has revealed how many sexual partners a person must have had during their lifetime and the result will surprise you.

Healthcare company Euroclinics surveyed 2 thousand people in the UK to find out more about the sex life of people. After this survey, it was found that 25% people had sex with two to four people in their lifetime. Surprisingly, 14% of the people said that they had sex with only one person during their life. At the same time, 2 percent people described themselves as more active in the matter of sex and said that they have had sex with many people in their lifetime. According to these people, he is very active in the matter of sex and has slept with many people during his lifetime. Their number can be between 70 and 90. At the same time 4% people said that they do not know how many people they have had sex with. He did not count this while having sex. They do not know how many sexual partners they must have had.

The survey revealed that Londoners have the highest number of sexual partners of which 5 per cent have had sex with more than 91 people in their lifetime. 3 percent of these people were between 35 and 44 years of age.

How many sexual partners do you have in life? - Survey results
0 - 3%

1 - 14%

2 to 4 - 25% 5 to 9 - 22% 10 to 15 - 13% 16 to 20 - 7% 21 to 30 - 4%

31 to 40 - 2% 41 to 50 - 1% 51 to 70 - 1%

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