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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Eating food in these 10 houses creates many problems and sin in life, know what the Garuda Purana says

Garuda Purana is considered one of the 18 major Puranas of Hinduism. 
It mentions the conversation between Lord Vishnu and his bird Garuda. Apart from this, apart from heaven, hell, sin, virtue and death, all the things related to knowledge, science, devotion, virtue and religion have been told. Through this, the public has been shown the path of welfare. By following the things mentioned in Garuda Purana, many troubles which come in life can be avoided.

In this episode, 10 houses have been mentioned in Garuda Purana, where eating food makes a person a partner of sin because through food, the thoughts of the person and the energy of his house goes to the body. If thoughts and energy are negative then they will leave the same effect on you. Know about those 10 houses where eating food is considered taboo.

1. Those who are very angry, should avoid eating food at their home or else their quality may also come in you. That is why it is said that grain, like mind.

2. The king who is extremely cruel, tortures his subjects, should never take the food of his house also. This food makes you a partaker of his sin.

3. The eunuchs take donations from all kinds of people i.e. every kind of money comes to their house. Therefore, food should not be eaten at the home of eunuchs.

4. If you eat food in the house of a thief or a criminal, then the negativity of his house also goes through food in your body and this also corrupts your thoughts. Therefore, never eat the food of such people.

5. People who are sick in their home, there may be bacteria in their house, such people should avoid eating food at home.

6. Food should not be eaten in the house of a characterless man or woman. Such food also makes you sin.

7. The person who does not have kindness, who misbehaves with others, commits atrocities, the food of that person's house is also considered to be the earning of sin. Never eat it.

8. People who cheat others, they can put anyone in trouble. One should stay away from such people and should never take food from their home.

9. Those who consume intoxicants and sell them should not eat food at home. They ruin the house of ourselves and others.

10. People who do usury, their wealth is never considered good because such people earn money by taking advantage of someone's situation. It is considered the earning of sin. Such people should avoid eating homemade food.

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