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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Due to these reasons, these 16 trains will not run from May 7, see full list

Indian Railways has been running many special trains for passengers for a long time. 
However, due to decreasing occupancy due to the second wave of Corona (reduced number of passengers in the train) and curfew in many cities, it has been decided to cancel the trains. According to a press release issued by Eastern Railway, 16 special trains are being closed from 7 May 2021.

(1) Train number 02019 between Howrah-Ranchi, except for Sunday, a special train running six days a week has been canceled. (2) Train number 02020 Ranchi - Howrah Special train, which runs six days a week except Sunday, was canceled. (3) Train number 02339 Howrah - Dhanbad special running daily has been canceled. (4) Train number 02340 Dhanbad - Howrah Special, running daily has been canceled.

(5) Train number 03027 Howrah - Azimganj Special (Daily) canceled. (6) Train number 03028 Azimganj - Howrah Special (Daily) canceled. (7) Train number 03047 Howrah - Rampurhat special (daily) canceled. (8) Train number 03048 Rampurhat - Howrah Special (daily) canceled.

(9) Train number 03117 Kolkata - Lalgola Special (running on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday) canceled. (10) Train No. 03118 Lalgola - Kolkata Special (running on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) canceled. (11) Train No. 03187 Sealdah - Rampurhat Special (Daily) Cancell. (12) Train no. 03188 Rampurhat - Sealdah Special (Daily) Cancell.

(13) Train number 03401 Bhagalpur - Danapur Special (daily) canceled. (14) Train number 03402 Danapur - Bhagalpur Special (Daily) canceled. (15) Train number 03502 Asansol - Haldia Special (except Sunday) canceled. (16) Train number 03501 Haldia - Asansol (running except Sundays) canceled.

IRCTC e-Ticket Refund If you have booked an e-ticket from the IRCTC website, the refund will come in the bank account / credit card / e-wallet of the customer from whom the payment has been made. If purchased, it can be canceled up to 72 hours after the scheduled departure of the train at any computerized reservation counter.

Passengers should remember that the entire amount of ticket refund is credited only when the train is canceled from the originating station to the destination station. Its information is shown on the PNR status of the passenger. In this case the refund is credited to the bank account of the passenger from whom the ticket has been booked. However, IRCTC deducts some cancellation charge from the refund if the passenger cancels the ticket on his own. Cancellation charges are different for each reservation category.

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