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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Eighth continent of the world, no place on the map, know why

As a child, we still have a question in our minds about the number of continents in the world. Everyone easily said that the number is 6.

Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica. But is this answer correct at all?

A little problem remains. Because even though we know about these 6 continents, there is another hadith in this world.

It is thought to have taken 365 years to discover. The continent was discovered four years ago under the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

But you will not find mention of that new continent on any map or anywhere. Many European explorers thought they could find a new continent beyond Latin America to the southwest.

Ordinary people, of course, did not care. One such explorer is Abel Tasman.

The Dutch explorer Tasman set out one day on a ship to explore a new continent. That was in 1842. He was convinced that he would return victorious.

As soon as he crossed Latin America, he saw the land in the middle of the sea. It is actually called Oceania.

But this is not the continent that Tasman went to find. In 2016, a group of New Zealand explorers found it. About 93 to 94 percent of it is submerged in the Pacific Ocean.

She was named Zelandia. Most of the experts think that even though it is called a continent, its real place is under the sea.

Above it is again about 2 km high water level. So they are reluctant to call it a continent. Similar to the soil of the continent has also been

found. According to scientists, about 230 million years ago, almost the entire continent was submerged in the sea.

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