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Thursday, May 27, 2021

coronavirus can be spread from one floor to another in high rise buildings? You will be amazed to know the fact

The Corona epidemic has spread black care around the world, including in India. 
With this, new information is coming up every day after which experts and common people find a way to escape from the epidemic. Everyone is worried about the way Corona is spreading among the people. There is also a question that everyone living in cities wants to know. The question is whether the corona spreads from one floor to another in tall buildings? Let us tell you the fact

Does the virus float in the air?

In tall buildings the transition of the corona extends from one floor to another. The virus can now spread from one floor to another through the air. According to the study, if the windows and doors of your house are open for ventilation, this virus can enter the air from one floor to another in your house. The virus can usually travel from the lower floor to the upper floor in the air.

The study turned out

At the same time, a study conducted in December 2020 stated that in such tall buildings, the drainage pipes of the houses are connected to each other, through which there is a risk of spreading corona. The revelation came during an investigation into the causes of the spread of the infection in three families living in China. These families contracted corona during January-February last year.

One of the families returning from Wuhan contracted corona, and investigators found no contact between the three families. Also, investigations at other locations, including his elevator, found no evidence of infection. But the drainage pipes of these houses were connected to each other which was considered to be a viral route of travel.

AC and drainage line caused

Papers were also published on this study, in which a lack of ventilation and lack of proper plumbing in homes was considered to be the cause of the spread of the virus. On the other hand, after the infection spread to 9 people, research conducted in a restaurant found that the virus was spread from one person to another through air conditioners.

Now one thing is clear from all these examples that the virus spreads from one floor to another. For this, the ventilation system and drainage line of the houses can be considered as the reason. Elevators and stairs in buildings can also be a route for the virus.

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