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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Yellow fungus can be deadly, even more dangerous than black and white fungus

Black fungus is spreading in people who have recovered from the corona virus. 
In the meantime, white fungus was also reported and now a case of yellow fungus has come up in the country. The case was found in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. According to doctors, this is more dangerous than yellow fungus, black and white fungus. This is the first time the yellow fungus has been found in a person, doctors said.

The person who got the yellow fungus is 45 years old. He recovered from Corona just a few days ago. The patient has diabetes. The patient arrived to show the ENT surgeon in Ghaziabad. Doctors found out during the examination that he had yellow fungus. Dr. B.P. Tyagi said he came to show the patient at his clinic. He was tired. Appetite was low. He was losing weight. He had a problem with looking low.

CT scan did not reveal the fungus

Yellow fungus starts internally, he said. As this increases, the disease becomes more deadly. Dr. B.P. Tyagi said the patient is a resident of Sanjay Nagar area. His CT scan did not reveal the fungus. When the patient underwent nasal endoscopy it was found that he had black, white and yellow fungus. Doctors said that if there is excessive humidity inside the house, it can be fatal for the patient, so pay attention to this. Excess moisture increases bacteria and fungi. Cleaning inside and around the house is very necessary, doctors said. Do not eat stale food.

Numbness of body parts

The main symptoms of yellow fungus are બંધ nasal congestion, numbness of the limbs, loss of appetite ક tingling and constant pain in the body અનુભવ feeling drowsy and tired… and excessive weakness in the body ઉપરાંત in addition to increased heart rate. Going સતત Constant pus coming out of the body wound… The body starts looking like malnourished. Persistent weight loss… Darkness in the eyes સો Swelling under the eyes. Etc. are symptoms of yellow fungus.

Yellow fungus will also attack people whose immune systems are weak

Doctors say that the yellow fungus will only infect people who have a weakened immune system… animals and even animals that have a weakened immune system are more susceptible to the fungus… yellow fungus can be prevented with a little precaution. Is.

To avoid yellow fungus, you need to take special care of cleanliness. Yellow fungus can affect any patient due to dirt. Therefore, it is very important to keep the surroundings clean. It is important to eat nutritious food to boost the immune system. … Also old foods should be disposed of as soon as possible… If there is too much moisture inside the house it can be more deadly for the patient… as more moisture increases bacteria and fungus… The only cure for yellow fungus is amphotericin-B injection The spectrum is antifungal

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