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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Corona can increase the risk of breathing and chest pain, do not ignore these symptoms at all

The situation in the country is deteriorating every day due to Corona. 
New variants are also being blamed for it. In this second wave of corona, people are undergoing a transition in which, in a very few days, their condition becomes serious and it becomes difficult to save them. It is very important to pay attention to some of the symptoms and seek the advice of experts who are aware of it.

Fever is also dangerous

Most coronary infections have a fever. A dry cough, accompanied by shortness of breath and a fever, is a strong sign of infection. In one study, about 40 percent of patients with coronary heart disease had difficulty breathing. If the patient's oxygen level falls below 94, he should contact a doctor immediately and be prepared to receive oxygen support immediately if needed.

Infections occur in the blood

This virus has a serious effect on the organs of our body. It can also cause blood infections. Because Covid 19 is spread only through the bloodstream in the body. It can cause pulmonary embolism. That is, the blood clot breaks and spreads to the lungs. This causes the patient to have chest pain and problems with the blood supply to the lungs.

The heart patient pays attention

Patients who are already battling cardiac disease or coronary artery disease should take special care. Coronary infections can trigger any chronic disease and cause many problems, including myocarditis, myalgia.

Inflammation in the lungs

.Lung-related problems are becoming more common in patients with the second wave of corona. This time, doctors are recommending a chest X-ray or CT scan so that the level of infection in the lungs can be treated appropriately.

Pneumonia caused by covid

 Many patients infected with Kovid-19 have been diagnosed with pneumonia. This is very serious and can cause fluid to build up in the chest. Her patients have more trouble at night.

Be careful even if you have a dry cough

Many corona infected patients also have a dry cough. It also affects the respiratory system so consult a doctor as soon as you experience this symptom as it can cause severe rib and chest pain.

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