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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Black fungus or white fungus, which is more dangerous? Know the complete information about white fungus


The whole country is still struggling with the corona epidemic, that in the meantime, many other problems have made it more difficult for the people. On one hand, the storm has caused havoc, while now diseases like black fungus and white fungus are also spreading their legs fast. They have made the atmosphere more scary among the people. Explain that white fungus can affect any part of the body.

However, the relief is that experts are not considering white fungus as dangerous as black fungus. He says that the white fungus is like a normal fungus, although it may take about one to one and a half months to recover. Therefore it is better that we protect ourselves by being vigilant and cautious. Let's know the important information related to white fungus.

Covid-like symptoms

Experts believe that there is a lot of similarity between the symptoms of white fungus and Kovid-19. Just as the Kovid attacks the lungs, the white fungus also makes the lungs a victim. Like a Kovid, it is identified by a CT scan. If it is not treated in time, it can also affect other parts of the body such as the intestines, stomach, genitals, kidneys, brain, mouth, joints and nails.

These are the symptoms of white fungus

1. If the white fungus reaches the lungs, it may cause cough, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and fever.

2. If reached in the mind, it can affect your ability to think and understand. In such a situation, symptoms of headache or seizures may be revealed.

3. A small and painless abscess on the skin is also a symptom of white fungus.

4. On reaching this joint joints, there may be joint pain, difficulty in getting up and sitting and walking.

Who is more at risk

White fungus is also making its victims the only people whose immunity is weak. Those who are already facing any disease or who are consuming too much steroids and antibiotics. Apart from this, the patients of diabetes, langs and cancer also need to be very conscious of this fungus.

White fungus is deadly with Corona

White fungus reaches into the lungs and makes a round ball, which is called a lung ball. This situation is known in CT scan. Since the corona also causes significant damage to the lungs by attacking it, the condition can be fatal if the patient also has white fungus.

What to do to protect

1 - Keep diabetes under control.

2 - Use immunomodulating drugs or steroids sparingly.

3 - Do not be negligent when you see any symptoms of white fungus, consult a specialist immediately.

4 - Do not take any medicine without medical advice.

5 - Do yoga and exercise regularly, as well as eat nutritious food in the diet.

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