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Monday, November 21, 2022

A gun license is available for only 10 rupees, know full process

Many agencies work with the police to protect every citizen in India and everyone feels safe because of the commendable work done by the police. 
But, still many people require weapons due to special reasons and the citizens of the country can get the license of the weapon. After getting the license of the weapon, you can buy a gun for your own safety. In such a situation, you know what is the process of getting a gun license…

The process of getting a gun license is not very difficult, but for this you have to include about 2 dozen documents. Also, after getting this license, you can use it only for your self-defense, you cannot threaten anyone. If you also feel that you need your gun license, then you have to tell the administration as per the procedure, why do you need it?

Who can get a gun license?

Everyone has the right to take a gun license, but they have to prove why they need it. After this, it depends on the administration whether they believe your argument to be correct or not. If the administration feels that you really need a gun, then you can get a license. There is no definite time in the process of getting the license that you will get it in the license in so many days.

What is the whole process?

To get a license, you have to submit the application form along with the application. Now this process has also been done online. In the offline process, the application has to go to the DCP (licensing) office of your area and in many cities this form has to be given to the SDM. At the same time, if the police is the area of ​​the commissionerate, then the commissioner will be applied. The DM sends the application to the SP's office for investigation. The application from the SP office goes to the applicant's police station. The police station will send its report to the licensing officer within a stipulated time. After this, your application gets approved and many times it is also rejected.

How much does it cost?

Well, it depends on which gun license you need. Its fee is determined on the basis of that. But, it is not that it costs you lakhs of rupees, its starting fee starts from 10 rupees, which is up to 300 rupees. You can see those fees in the chart below. If you have to get a license for handgun (pistol / revolver) or repeating rifle, then its fee is 100 rupees.

Can anyone keep a gun after getting a license?

Licenses are issued for only three types of guns in India, which include shortgun, handgun and sporting gun. A person can take a license for a maximum of three guns and there is a restriction on the possession of guns. According to government regulations, there are many such guns, which are not given to the common man.

What happens after getting a license?

Even after getting the license, you have to buy the license based on the procedure. At the same time, after purchasing a gun, you have to give information about it to the local police station and the information about the weapon is also with the police. At the same time, information has to be given in the police station from time to time.

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