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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Why is the color of a school bus yellow, why not another color? Know the reason for this in detail

Not only in India, but also in Vilayat, the color of school buses is yellow. 
This may be surprising, but there are many reasons for this. You will be aware that colors play a big role in our everyday life. If there are no different colors, life may become colorless. The same thing is about the color of buses. Then go to any corner of the world, where school buses are painted in yellow color as well.

Each color has its own special wavelength and frequency. Based on this, colors are seen. Any color chattering or dimming is seen on this basis. For example, red color is used as a danger or as a signal at a traffic light, then there is a special reason for it. On this basis, you can also know why the sky color is blue and why the school bus is always in yellow color.

Color equation

To understand the equation of colors, we have to understand the equation of VIBGYOR or Vibgyure. Vibgyure represents a combination of seven different colors. It can be understood with Violet or Purple, Indigo or Sky, Blue or Blue, Green or Green, Yellow or Yellow, Orange or Orange and Red or Red. The red color wavelength is the highest, so it can be seen from far away. Accordingly, it is used as a danger signal or traffic light. In a series of seven colors, the yellow color is below the red color, whose wavelength is less than red but more than blue color.

Danger mark red color

The red color attracts the attention of most people, hence it is most used as a mark of danger. After this, if any color attracts the most, it is yellow. The yellow color can also be seen from a distance. For this reason, yellow color is applied on school buses, so that the attention of the people remains on its side. Yellow can also be detected in rain, fog, or mist. The yellow lateral peripheral vision is about one-and-a-half times greater than the yellow color. Therefore, yellow color can be seen sooner than red color.

What is lateral peripheral vision

Lateral peripheral vision here means that it can be easily seen on the side or side. If someone is looking in front and there is a yellow bus passing by the side, then this color will be easily seen. This is the reason for coloring school buses in yellow color, that even while looking in front, one can get the impression of the side and avoid any accident.

School buses in India got yellow color, there is an important decision of the Supreme Court behind this. The Supreme Court had issued several instructions to paint the buses in yellow color. What were these instructions, let us know-

  • It is necessary to write the school bus in front of the bus.
  • If a bus is being hired, then it is mandatory to write 'On School Duty' on it.
  • It is important to have a first aid box in the school bus.
  • It is necessary to install a grill on the school bus windows.
  • It is necessary to install fire extinguishers on the bus.
  • The name and telephone number of the school should be written on the bus.
  • There should be a lock in the bus door.
  • For school bags to be safe in the bus, space should be made under the seat.
  • The school bus should have an attendant of the school. The bus should have a speed governor and the maximum speed should be 40 km per hour.
  • If there is a school cab, then 150 mm green stripe should be colored with yellow color. The green stripe should be colored in the center around the cab. It is necessary to write the school cab on the strip.
  • If the school children are less than 12 years, then the seating capacity of the school bus cannot be set more than one and a half times. Children above 12 years of age will be treated as one person.
  • The driver of the school bus must have a driving license of LMV for at least four years. The driver must wear light blue shirt-pants and black shoes. The name and ID should be written on the shirt.
  • The driver should have complete details of how many children are going to the school bus. The names of the children, class, home address, blood group, place of landing, route plan, etc. should be present with the driver.
  • If no one comes to take the child till the school bus, then he will have to take it to school and inform him at his house.

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