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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Health Tips: Eat these things to get rid of period pain, relief soon

Periods are part of the lives of women, who come every month. 
During this time, women have to go through the problem of stomach ache, irritability, headache etc. Women have normal pain during periods. But some women feel intense pain and cramps. During these times, they also have an impact on work and daily routine.

Many women do not take any kind of medicine during periods. Instead, it is more like to foment and treat home remedies. If you have severe pain during periods, then we are telling you about some foods that you can consume and get rid of it soon.

Drink more water

Drinking water keeps your body hydrated. The easiest way to get relief from bloating is to drink as much water as possible. Apart from this, consuming tea or coffee is also beneficial.

Eat green vegetables

Due to lack of blood, the amount of iron in the body is low, due to which you feel lethargic. Eat bananas, green leafy greens and spinach. These things are rich in vitamins. These things are the main sources of iron.

Avocado and pumpkin seeds

In periods, foods rich in magnesium should be consumed. You can eat avocado, pumpkin seeds and cooked beans in the diet. Eating these things relieves stomach pain and headaches.

dark chocolate

Even if you don't like the taste of dark chocolate. But it is full of magnesium, potassium and iron which helps in relaxing the muscles. Also reduces pain. It contains a chemical called serotonin which helps to keep you calm during periods.


To reduce pain and swelling, cinnamon can be used in food or in salad. If you drink cinnamon mixed with a glass of warm milk, then it is doubly beneficial.

Ginger and fennel

Chewing fennel after eating food improves digestion as well as prostaglandin helps reduce pain. Apart from this, ginger is also very beneficial because it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the pain of periods.

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