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Friday, April 23, 2021

Why are people sending women's undergarments to the Prime Minister of France, find out what's the whole matter

There are currently lockdowns in many parts of 
France suffering from the Corona virus At the behest of the government, not only have people been barred from leaving and crowds, but all shops have been closed except for essential items. Meanwhile, the office of French Prime Minister Jean Castex is disturbed by the women's underwear he is receiving through mail.

The lingerie store owner is sending underwear

These underwear are sending them to the owner of a lingerie store, whose outlet has been closed due to the epidemic. Many pictures have been shared on social media in which the French PM is getting women's underwear after writing a letter. The letter called on the PM to open shops and outlets.

People disturbed by lockdown in France

Paris, the capital of France, is considered the fashion capital of the world. Most of the world's top fashion brands operate from Paris. In such a situation lockdown is affecting their business. Branded clothing is not on the list of essential items announced during the lockdown. In such a situation, the government cannot even allow these outlets to open.

Lingerie stores are not allowed to open in lockdown

A group called Culoni in France also exhibited throughout France after classifying lingerie stores as non-essential businesses in France. "About 200 lingerie retailers have joined our protest," said Nathalie Peridess, owner of the Silvat Lingerie store in Lyon and creator of the project. Everyone was asked to send women’s underwear to the PM in protest. This means that a total of 200 panties have been sent to Jean Castex's office.

Sending underwear with a letter of protest

With each package the quality organization has requested PM Jean Kastex to reconsider the rules of the lockdown. In which it is written that it is true that we all need, Prime Minister. Small and local businesses are valuable. They contribute to the local economy and give life to our communities. After which the locals have also come out in support of these businessmen.

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