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Friday, April 23, 2021

Corona patient Do not the make this mistake, this is dangerous, the doctor warned

Corona virus infection is spreading at a rapid pace, this time this virus does not seem to leave anyone in the mood. 
You can only avoid illness with your caution. Use of mask, washing hands frequently, using sanitizer are some of the most important and main ways to avoid this. But apart from these, many other measures, domestic tips are also in discussion among the people, whose use is said to fight the corona. Know what doctors are saying about them.

These warning spices
of Indian kitchen are in the news these days from doctors warning warnings about homegrown snacks , to black pepper to camphor-celery and turmeric Their use is said to be important in the fight with Corona. But what is the truth, according to the doctors, there is no evidence that camphor, cloves or celery are helpful in any way, or increase the oxygen in the blood or correct the respiratory problem. All of these can work to relieve sinuses or mild respiratory infections. Therefore, in the case of Corona, it would be good if you do not trust your eyes with faith in the domestic nostrils.

The shocking research
on steam taking is also being claimed on social media that the corona virus can be eradicated by taking steam, many types of experiments are also being done with steam. But health experts say that there is no scientific evidence for this. Conversely, the claim is that continuous steam can damage the larynx between the throat and lungs, which can make the symptoms of corona more severe.

The information provided by
UNICEF India has been shared on Twitter by UNICEF India, in the video released, the expert has said that there can be many bad consequences of taking steam. Continuous use of this can cause torquia and pharynx to burn in the middle tube of the throat and lungs or cause severe damage. This can increase your difficulty in breathing and may make it easier for the virus to enter the body.

Take care about hot spices.
Apart from this, brew is being drunk in Indian homes these days, using different types of spices and making them, there are many benefits of drinking them. It is believed that drinking the decoction will not cause the virus in the body, but tell you that spices like black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and dry ginger are very hot. Their high volume can cause big losses rather than benefits. Excessive consumption of these during the summer season can cause stomach irritation and mouth ulcers. In such a situation, use these things with great care.

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