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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The woman broke up with her husband and got married to her 60-year-old father-in-law

 A 31-year-old woman in Kentucky, USA, married her 60-year-old stepfather after breaking up with her husband. Her stepfather Jeff Quigle also attended a ceremony at the wedding of Eroka Quigg, a resident of Herodberg. The woman was married at the age of 19 to a young man named Justin Towell, who worked in a local factory.

After the marriage, they had a child, but due to growing disputes with each other, the relationship began to fall apart in 2011. Erica, meanwhile, was supported by her father-in-law, Jeff Quigel. After Erica and Justice Towell divorced in 2017, the in-laws proposed marriage to the woman. The two soon became husband and wife, despite a gap of 29 years in age.

The woman also gave birth to a daughter in 2018 within a year of marriage. Now both the children live with their mother. Despite the age gap, the two expressed happiness over their relationship. Justin's sister introduced him to Jeff (step-father-in-law), the woman said. "When he supported me in times of grief, I thought he could be my companion in happiness," she said.

"Jeff's heart is still young, while I look older than him," the woman said. Erica's first husband, Justin, has also remarried. They both keep their first son together. Both of these families live nearby. "Everything is fine between us now," said the woman's husband, Justin. No more hatred. We're talking about our son and we're both moving on with our lives. '

Jeff said he sees his first wife in Erica. “We are both happy with each other and enjoying every moment,” he said. We never paid attention to the age gap, we just fell in love as we are. '

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