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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Oral Symptoms of Covid Not only taste, these five symptoms that appear in the mouth may be a sign of corona

Patients are experiencing different types of symptoms on a daily basis due to the spread of the 
virus in the second wave of corona . According to this study, loss of sense of smell and taste has been observed in 60% of patients with Covid-19. However this virus affects your body in many ways. We tell you about the many features associated with pearls that are indicative of Covid-19. To do the test without delay.

What does research say about oral symptoms?

According to a report, a study by the National Institutes of Health, published in the journal Nature Medicine, found that more than half of the patients with Covid-19 had oral problems during the infection. What is special is that this symptom associated with the mouth may already appear in front of the main symptoms of the disease, but do not ignore it as a general problem.

Dry mouth or dry mouth

Dry mouth is a common problem in all patients due to many types of viral infections, autoimmune diseases and Covid-19 infections. Dry mouth means not producing saliva in the mouth which protects you from bad bacteria and germs. If you have this problem don't ignore it.

Bad breath

Dry mouth not only causes difficulty in speaking and eating but also often causes a problem of smell. It also causes irritation in the mouth. Also, if you feel a foul smell coming out of your mouth after brushing during the day, don't ignore the hint.

Peeling in the mouth

If you have gone through a viral infection like Covid-19, then inflammation or inflammation is a problem in the body as the virus attacks the muscle fibers and the inner layer of the organs and damages them. Inflammation can cause peeling on the inside of the mouth, on the tongue, or around the gums. Skin rash is also often caused by a hot stomach.

Changes in the color or sensitivity of the tongue

Corona virus damages the tongue along with the mouth in many ways. If you also find your tongue to be normally healthy pink, then redness appears more, white spots appear or the color of the tongue looks normal dark, then ignore this sign and get the corona tested.

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