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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Kiwi Benefits: Kiwi fruit is helpful in increasing oxygen during corona pandemic, so prepare drinks this way

Kiwi is a delicious fruit. 
It is mildly sour and sweet in taste. Consumption of kiwi in the summer season brings coolness to the body. It contains many nutrients which help you to lose weight and keep the digestive system correct. What amount of nutrients does this fruit contain? How to prepare a kiwi drink. Let's know everything…

Nutrients in Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C. It has very low calorie intake. It provides many more nutrients along with RDA. Let us know how many nutrients are in 100 grams of Kiwi fruit.

  • Calories - 61
  • Fat - 0.5
  • Sodium - 3 mg
  • Carbohydrate - 15 grams
  • Sugar - 9 grams
  • Fiber - 3 grams
  • Protein - 1.1 grams

to lose weight

Kiwi is rich in medicinal properties. It contains vitamin C, potassium and calcium. It contains high amount of fiber which helps in reducing weight. Apart from this, Kiwi juice has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive properties.

For a healthy digestive system

Kiwi juice is healthy for the digestive system. It removes stomach related problems. It prevents constipation in the stomach. You can include this in your diet regularly.

Immunity increases

Kiwi juice makes the immune system strong. It contains vitamin-C nutrient. It is beneficial for diabetes problem and heart disease. Please consult a doctor once before consuming it. Vitamin C is helpful in increasing oxygen.

For blood pressure

Kiwi juice contains magnesium and potassium. It helps in controlling blood pressure.

For the eyes

Seeing more of the screen puts a lot of emphasis on the eyes In such a situation, Kiwi juice should be drunk. According to scientific studies, the problem of vision loss can be avoided.

How to prepare kiwi drink

To make it, you will need 2 kiwis, 1 cucumber and 1 teaspoon coriander powder. After this, peel and slice the kiwi. Peel and cut cucumber. After this, put all the things in the mixer and prepare the paste. Add water to this paste as per the requirement. After this, add 1 teaspoon coriander powder and mix it. In this way your kiwi drink will be ready to drink.

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