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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Is the third dose of corona vaccine also necessary? Scientists gave the answer

In the fight against the corona virus, the role of vaccine has now become the largest. 
The process of vaccination has been started in many countries of the world including India. Vaccine people are being employed with two shots. Meanwhile, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Bioentech, a company that prepares Pfizer's vaccine, has said that people may have to get a third shot of this vaccine.

So that immunity becomes stronger

Bioentech co-founder and CMO doctor Ojlem Trucy said in an interview on Wednesday that two doses of Kovid-19 vaccine are being given.

But to prevent the virus, a third dose of vaccine may also be needed to strengthen the immunity. Pfizer CEO Albert Borla also agreed with his statement. Doctor Ozlem has developed this vaccine in association with Pfizer.

He has expressed the hope that the way people take medicines to avoid seasonal flu every year, in the same way, vaccine of Kovid-19 may have to be taken every year. According to doctor trucy, the vaccine-induced immunity may weaken over time.

Third booster shot to be installed every year

According to Dr. Trucy, it is important that scientists consider the process of vaccination every year as a sign of weakening of immunity. But at the same time, natural immunity against Kovid-19 is also very important.

He told that immunity against the virus is getting weaker. Earlier, Borla also talked about the third shot or booster shot on 15 April.

He said that the process of applying the vaccine can be started for the third time after having fully vaccinated within 12 months. According to Borla, people may need such a booster shot every year.

How effective is Pfizer's vaccine

Earlier, Pfizer had said that the vaccine of Kovid-19 is more than 91 percent effective against the corona virus.

At the same time, its dose is more than 95 percent effective for preventing other diseases. Mordena, who developed the vaccine using the same technique as Pfizer, has been reported to be effective for up to six months.

Immunity may be weak after 6 months

On the other hand, the researchers say that they do not have any information about how long after 6 months, people will get protection against the virus.

But according to health officials and experts, after some time, the safety of the vaccine starts to decrease.

It is believed that the US government may contact the drugmakers for a third dose to supply additional doses as well as a plan for vaccine distribution.

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