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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Enjoy Dinner Date After Announcing Their Breakup

Jennifer Lopez and baseball star Alex Rodriguez reported a few days ago that the two had broken up their engagement. Jennifer and Alex got engaged in the year 2019, and last year both of them got postponed due to Covid. However, the news came last month that the two have now separated. Now after separation, both of them appeared together again. The two were spotted having dinner together.

The interesting thing is that both of them were seen having dinner in the same restaurant, when both went on the first date in 2017. Now, seeing both of them together, the fans are confused whether the two have really separated or still want to give their relationship another chance.


Jennifer and Alex officially announced the break-up of their relationship. Both of them issued a joint statement announcing the break up of the engagement.

It was written in the statement, ‘We understood that we are more good friends and would like to remain friends even further. We are ready to work together and will support each other in our business and other projects. He further wrote, ‘We want both our children to be happy too. We want them to be happy always. Thanks to all those who gave us love and support.


Let me tell you that a few days ago the news came that Alex is cheating Jennifer with Madison Lacroy. In fact, Madison had come into the limelight for her relationship with the Married MLB star, and then Alex’s name was included in the meantime. However, during an interview, LeCroy had misreported these reports.

Madison said that she has never been in a relationship with Alex and never met him. Madison definitely told that both of them used to talk on the phone. Madison said, ‘Alex has never cheated his fiancée physically through me. We have never been physical. I was still trying to keep quiet. I did not want bad for myself and his family.

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