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Monday, April 19, 2021

Immunity Booster: Turmeric is very beneficial in Corona period, know from expert how much quantity is sufficient

Our country is currently in the grip of the second wave of Corona Virus. 
The second wave of coronavirus is more dangerous and terrible than the first wave of last year. It is taking the lives of the elderly as well as young children and youth. Diabetes and blood pressure patients are at highest risk of corona virus. Apart from these, this disease is also causing terrible harm to heart patients and people with weak immunity. To avoid the attack of corona virus, it is important that you keep your immune system strong. If your immune system is strong, there will be no serious problems even after getting infected.

Immunity enhances turmeric
is effective Haldi (Turmeric) enhance immunity. It is a very simple spice used in almost all Indian homes. Turmeric has many medicinal properties that increase immunity and provide protection to our body from infectious diseases. Most people are consuming turmeric to increase immunity during the corona period. However, it is very important to consume the right amount of turmeric. Turmeric effect is hot, which can cause harm if consumed too much. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to tell you some important things related to the consumption of turmeric.

Excessive consumption of turmeric is harmful
According to Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, turmeric should always be consumed in limited quantity. According to Vaidya Kotecha, you can consume both freshly ground turmeric and dry turmeric. However, if turmeric is fresh then its quantity can be increased as it has dialyzed medicinal ingredients. Rajesh Kotecha said that 4 grams of turmeric is sufficient for 200 ml cup while 3 grams of turmeric is also sufficient for 150 ml cup. They told that consuming more turmeric is harmful.

Turmeric is more effective with milk
Turmeric has a store of medicinal properties. If turmeric is consumed with milk, it becomes even more beneficial. It does not take much time nor any problem to make turmeric milk. To make turmeric milk, you only need turmeric and milk. To make turmeric milk for two people, put two glasses of milk in a vessel and mix two pinches of turmeric in it and boil it. After boiling, turmeric milk is ready. Now cool it down a bit and drink it.

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