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Saturday, April 17, 2021

If you have these problems in your body too, then never do ignore, otherwise it can cause big problems.

New Delhi: 
 Our body works continuously. But in the meantime if there is any problem in it, then he also tells us in gestures. In such a situation, if we understand those gestures, then we can save the body from getting sick. So let's know which are those gestures, by identifying which we can keep our body away from diseases. 

If the soles of the feet are pink, if the color of the soles of your feet is becoming light pink or red, then we should take care of it immediately and get your blood sugar level checked. Actually, the pink or red of the soles of the feet indicates the imbalance of sugar level and hormones in our body. 

Getting irritated on someone's hug
We are usually happy with a hug. But if we are irritated by someone's throat, then maybe we can suffer from a disease called Multiple Sclerosis. This disease is associated with our brain. In this disease, a person may have problems with hugging or touching a person. 

Thinning of eyebrows is the trend of people to keep their eyebrows thin in fashion nowadays, but if your eyebrows are getting thin without any reason then it can be due to a disease called hypothyroidism. In this disease, there may be a deficiency of the most important thyroid hormone in the body. Due to which sudden increase or decrease in weight, problems like dizziness can occur. 

Swelling of the feet Swelling of the
feet is also a very dangerous gesture. Actually, swelling of the feet can be due to arthritis or kidney problem. In such a situation, do not ignore the problem of swelling in the feet and seek the advice of a doctor.

of appetite If a person's hunger is continuously decreasing or has stopped feeling, then the lack of nutritious elements in his body can be a reason. Also, due to the formation of excess stomach acid and its coming into the alimentary canal, our appetite can also be reduced. 

Itching and itching
in the body if there are problems of itching and itching in the body. So it may be due to imbalance in sugar level in the body or kidney problem. Due to which the balance of water in the body has deteriorated. However, if this problem persists for a long time, seek medical advice. 

(Disclaimer - The information given here is based on general beliefs. In case of any problem, do any work on the advice of the doctor.)

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