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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Corona Virus: After recovering from corona, take care of the patient this way, do not make this mistake even by mistake

Across the country, the corona virus (Corona Virus) is wreaking havoc day by day. 
In the last 24 hours, more than 2 lakh 34 thousand new cases of coronavirus have been reported across the country, while 1341 people have died due to the epidemic. After the arrival of new cases, now the number of active cases of Kovid-19 has increased to 16,79,740 across the country. It is a matter of concern that due to the large number of new cases coming up in the country, the number of active cases is also increasing rapidly. The number of recoveries is much less than new cases. In the last 24 hours only 1,23,354 people have recovered from Corona against 2,34,692 new cases. However, it is very important to take precautions even after recovering from the corona virus.

Negligence can be costly
It is generally seen that people recovering from corona in the country are taking care of their health. This is the reason that despite being cured of corona, people have faced many health problems. Not only this, due to negligence after recovering from corona, people can become infected with this disease again. However, even after recovering from corona, it is very important to take many precautions. People recovering from an epidemic should take special care of Face Mask and Social Distancing as it takes about a month to fully recover from the corona virus. Apart from this, the recovered people should also take special care of their diet and lifestyle. In this connection, today we are going to tell you some important things, keeping in mind that people who have recovered from Corona can be fit as soon as before.

Rest is very important
due to Corona virus, our body becomes very weak. This is the reason why people complain of weakness and tiredness even after recovering from it. It is seen that after recovering from Kovid-19, people want to return to their work as soon as possible but this is not right. Experts tell that even after recovering from corona, you should rest and avoid working too much. According to doctors, after being found corona positive, they should complete a two-week quarantine period and rest for a week. During this time, you should also get a good sleep so that your body can get plenty of rest and you can be fit as soon as possible.

Do not care in catering
After recovering from Corona, along with rest, good catering is also very important. To recover completely from the disease, you should increase the amount of protein in your food. You can eat lentils, green vegetables and eggs for a protein-rich diet. Apart from this, try to eat at least one fruit and dry fruits everyday. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Keep in mind that instead of eating more food together, keep eating small amounts of food at intervals of few hours.

Be sure to exercise, the
corona is very vulnerable to our stamina. In such a situation it is very important to increase stamina. Be sure to exercise after recovering from corona. For this, you can walk for at least half an hour. Apart from this, you can also do simple exercises by staying at home. Exercising regularly will not only increase your stamina but will also keep the blood flow correct. Along with exercise, if you do yoga, it will be more effective.

Regularly check the oxygen level
corona virus directly attacks our lungs, which has a bad effect on our respiratory system. Even after recovering from the corona, you should keep checking your oxygen level. It is usually very difficult to detect at the initial time of decreasing oxygen level. Therefore, oxygen level checks should be done from time to time. If your oxygen level drops below 90, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Stay in touch with the doctor
Corona virus makes our body very weak. Apart from weakness and food, we easily become victims of other minor diseases. Apart from this, many times people who have recovered from Corona also have to face serious problems. In such a situation, keep in constant contact with your doctor and seek immediate advice in case of any kind of problem.

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