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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A person who did not recognize the iPhone in interview did not get the job, then started his own company and gave the work to the people

There are many people in the world who, due to their courage and passion, reach those highs of success, which is nothing less than an inspiration for all of us. 
Some similar story is of Dilkhush Kumar. Dilkhush is the founder and CEO of Aryago, an online taxi company in Madhepura, Bihar. He recently shared an incident of his life. Which is becoming quite viral.

After reading this story that is becoming increasingly viral on social media, you will surely become a fan of Dilkhush. He wrote in his post. It takes time to cover a long distance #Saheb..Today I was eagerly waiting for my #Dream_Fone iPhone 11 (256 GB), Amazon was supposed to deliver it today as the time was going to meet. Was finally going to meet at 4 o'clock today.

About 10 years ago today, a job fair was held in Saharsa. I was also in the unemployed category, Papa used to run a mini bus and the salary was around 4500. In which it was becoming difficult to run a house, in such a situation, I felt the need for a job, I also attended the fair where I had submitted all my documents in a company in Patna, there was a sir of the same company, he said that send your application to Patna. Have been.

On August 5, SP Verma Road of Patna will come there, there will be an interview, if successful, then you will get 2400 / month salary. I waited impatiently for that day, did not sleep properly for many nights, just kept thinking about the same job, after about 1 week, 5th date came, there was a train from Saharsa to Patna at 5 in the morning, Which used to reach Patna by 11 o'clock, the interview time was 3 o'clock.

As soon as morning the sound of torrential rain was heard, came out and saw it was raining very fast I could not understand how the station Jaungam, the distance of the station from our village is 10 kilometers, finally with the help of one of my acquaintances. Covering the whole body with plastics, reached the station and took the train and left for Patna, remembering God with heart, reached Patna, but the rain did not leave the chase even in Patna, it was raining here too.

I had come to Patna for the first time in my life, had no knowledge of the place, asked the address of a nobleman on the platform, it is next to say that there is a 5-minute way, I waited for some rain to stop when the rain did not stop He left and reached SP Verma Road. In the building where 10 to 15 people like me were already present in the building, all were going out in turn giving their interviews.

When my turn came, I also went in. 3 Sahab and 2 Sahiba were sitting in front, I received the greetings, then the people were extinguished that the boy was a pastor, the name address was about the introduction, Sir, picked up his phone and showed his logo Name this company, I saw that logo for the first time that day, I did not know that is why I said Sir I do not know, then Sir's answer came, this is Iphone and this is from Apple company.

I did not get my job, came back to the village and passed on the path of my father by taking the profession of inherited driver and today …… Sir's style of showing Iphone was wandering in my eyes till yesterday, today Iphone has come Probably, you will not remember from today. Dilkhush Kumar is providing the same service in small cities of Bihar as in Ola-Uber in Delhi-Mumbai.

Dilkhush decided to start his Aryago service from the village. He started it in 2016. This story of Dilkhush Kumar is inspiring people. Now imagine if they got a job on that day, then they would spend their entire lives engaged in their work every day like an employee. But luckily today he is the owner of a company and is also giving employment to the people.

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