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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

How was Lord Karthikeya kidnapped? Know about this interesting story

In heaven, Goddess Indra expressed happiness to Varun Dev Yaksha and Gandharvas after the completion of Goddess Parvati's baby shower ceremony and said that the festival of Goddess Parvati's baby shower has been very grand. 
But, at the same time, Indra Dev expressed concern that Tarakasura has tried to kill Mata Parvati many times and now such efforts will be continuous because her time is about to be born from Mata Parvati's womb.

Indra Dev said that the five gods will go to Kailash in secret and keep an eye on them so that Tadakasura does not reach Mata Parvati. Then the five gods took the form of five pigeons, wandering over Kailash. When Mahadev and Mata Parvati saw these pigeons, they were surprised where suddenly the pigeons came on Kailash. Panchos bowed to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati by showing their true form and gave reason for their presence there. But during this time, Tadakasur reached Kailash and he listened to the whole conversation in secret. Thus he came to know that five gods are present on Kailash to keep an eye on him. After this, Tarakasur hatched a conspiracy.

So let's know what this conspiracy was and how it started? 

This was the time of birth of Mahadev and Parvati son Kartikeya. Maharaja Himalaya and his wife Kailash were preparing to go. He also decided to take a midwife named Nirmala with him. He was known as Nirmala Dai. This same Nirmala Dai was also in the birth of Mata Parvati. The Maharaja sent the General Secretary to call Nirmala Dai. Meanwhile, Tadakasur found out that Mother Parvati's parents were taking Nirmala Dai to Kailash.

Before reaching the General Minister, Tarakasur reached Nirmala Dai's hut and took her form by killing them and thus Tarakasur as Nirmala Dai reached Kailash and soon after the birth of the child, Tarakasur took her to the mother Parvati Asked to rest. As soon as Mata Parvati came to sleep, Tarkasur, who was wearing the form of Nirmala Dai, disappeared from her room with her baby.

After some time, when mother Parvati woke up from sleep, she was worried not to see the baby there. Mother Parvati understood that her son had been taken to Tarakasura. He announced that if my son is not found, then I will consume the entire creation in my anger. Seeing Mother Parvati so distracted, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu Kailash Padhare and Lord Vishnu said to Goddess Parvati ji that you should not be worried, Brahma ji predicts that this son of yours will kill Tadakasura at the age of seven months.

On the other hand, Tadakasura threw this child down from the top of the Himalayas. This child fell into the lap of Agni Dev, one of the five gods guarding Kailash. This child was crying a lot. Hearing this crying child's voice, Goddess Ganga reached there and took the child with her. Mother Ganga had understood that seeing the child crying, the child was hungry, so she remembered the works. Then these creations pacified the child by breastfeeding him. Because the child got the breast of Kritikas for the first time, Goddess Ganga named this child Kartikeya.

Tarakasura was convinced that the child had died, so he announced a celebration in his palace as there was no one in the entire universe to kill him. On the other hand, Agni Dev met Indra Dev, then Devraj informed Agni Dev about this accident. Then Agni Dev told that a child fell on his lap.

On the other hand, Virbhadra, who was searching for the child, met Goddess Ganga and Virbhadra informed Mata Ganga about the whole situation. At the same moment Indra Dev and Agnidev also reached there and told the truth of that child, that this goddess is the son of Ganga's sister Parvati. Ganga was delighted to hear this and all of them departed towards Kailash. On the other hand, Mata Parvati's son was going to be consumed in the fire in Vioge, when he reached there, his elder sister extinguished the fire by flowing water and handed Mata Parvati his son. Thus Kailash got to see a lot of amazing scenes.

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