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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Why Akshat is offered to God during worship, know here!

Akshat has special significance during worship. 
If there is no material during the puja, then it also reduces its deficiency. Akshat is considered to be superior in food. But do you know why Akshat is offered during worship? Know about it

You must have noticed that whenever God is offered intact, he is completely intact, not broken. Akshat means that which has not been damaged, that is, what is complete is intact. The sense of offering peace in worship is that our worship should also be completed like Akshat. There should not be any hindrance in this. Pooja is not broken in the middle due to any disturbance, that is, it is not incomplete. Being a white color, rice is also considered a symbol of peace. Through Akshat, the devotees beg God that, as we have full reverence on you, you should also maintain full kindness on us.

The purest grain is intact

Lord Krishna has said in the Gita that anyone who uses food and money without offering me is considered to be stealing food and money. Rice is considered to be the purest grain because it remains sealed inside the paddy. Therefore, animals and birds are not able to do it. Apart from this, it is also believed that rice was first cultivated in nature. In such a situation, people surrender with the feeling that whatever food and money we have, it is dedicated to you. In this way, they are freed from the sin of stolen food and money.

Food is a means to the satisfaction of God

In the scriptures, food and havan have been considered as a means of satisfying God. Along with God, the ancestors are also satisfied by offering food. In such a situation, fathers are also blessed with God and there is happiness in the house.

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