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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Borrowing transactions may increase on Tuesday; Difficulties, know what else are forbidden

Tuesday is dedicated to Hanuman Baba. 
Bajrangbali is the deity of Kalyug and is always ready to help his devotees. This is the reason why they are also called Sankatmochan. By worshiping Hanuman ji on Tuesday, he is very happy and removes all the troubles of life.

But in astrology, it is advisable not to do some work on this day. It is believed that doing those works causes Mangal Dosh and all the troubles in life increase. Know what to do and what not to do on Tuesday.

Do not borrow without forgetting

No matter how desperately you are in need of money, but still try not to borrow money on Tuesday. It is believed that it is very difficult to repay the borrowings taken on Tuesday. This increases mental stress. Apart from this, one should also avoid lending money on this day.

Avoid black things

Avoid using black things on Tuesday. Actually, in Astrology, anything associated with black color is considered to be related to Saturn. In such a situation, the combination of Mars and Saturn can have a bad effect on your health. Therefore, on Tuesday, wearing black clothes should be avoided, as well as eating black urad dal, black sesame, etc., should also be avoided.

Do not buy icing

Women should avoid buying any items of honey. It is believed that doing so may adversely affect the mutual relationship between husband and wife.

Do not wash hair

Washing of hair, cutting of nails and shaving of beards is prohibited on Tuesday, just like Thursday. It is believed that Mangal Dosh is found by this and many kinds of problems increase in life.

Don't drink meat

Consuming meat and alcohol on Tuesday is also considered harmful. Actually, Mars is considered to have a fiery nature. Eating these things on this day increases temperament in nature and this has an impact on respect and dignity.

What to do

1. Worship Hanuman ji on Tuesday. Offer them a lamp of ghee, perfume, a garland of roses. Offer Besan or Bundi ladoos. After this, read Chalisa, Sundarkand etc. and plead with the Lord to end your problems.

2. If possible, offer Hanuman ji on this day. Chola is very dear to Hanuman ji and he is pleased immediately after offering it. Apart from this, sit in the Hanuman temple and recite Ram Rakshastotra. This gives freedom from all the problems of life.

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