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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The World's Largest Painting Sold For Rs 450 Crores

New Delhi: The 
 World's Largest Canvas Painting Made From 6,300 Liters Of Paint Has Been Sold At An Auction In Dubai For Around $ 62 Million (Rs 450 Crore), One Of The Most Expensive Artifacts Ever Made.

The Artwork, Measuring 17,000 Square Feet, Has Been Named 'The Journey Of Humanity'. This Is Equivalent To The Size Of Four NBA-Regulated Basketball Courts.

According To Reports, The Artwork Has Been Created By British Artist Sacha Jaffrey, As A Means Of Raising Funds For Children Currently Affected By The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Artist Divided The Artwork Into 70 Frames, Which Initially Planned To Sell It Separately To Reach Its Goal Of $ 30 Million, But During A Charity Auction In Dubai A Merchant Named Andre Abdune Doubled For All Frames Offered Over.

"I Come From A Poor Family And I Knew What It Feels Like To Have Nothing To Eat, But At Least I Loved My Parents, Schooling And Support," Andre Explained.

He Also Spoke Of The Ongoing Epidemic, Seeing How It Has Affected Children Around The World. Andre Said, "We Have To React, So If I Can Get My Little Piece Into The Puzzle, I'm Happy."

Auction Organizers Said In A Statement That The Artwork Doubles The Target Amount With The Money Going To The Children Being Donated. Following The Record Sale, Guinness World Gave The Artwork The Record For Being The 'Largest Art Canvas'

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