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Friday, March 26, 2021

Movie Review- Saina

 - Parineeti Chopra, Paresh Rawal, Manav Kaul, Meghna Malik, Ankur Vikal

Director - Amol Gupte
Series - Hindi
Time - 2 hours 15 minutes
Rating - 3.5 / 5


'Saina' is a sports drama film. Is a biopic. This is the story of Saina Nehwal, who made the country famous in the world of badminton. The film is the story of becoming the No. 1 player in the world by overcoming its ups and downs, its struggles and all the difficulties. The film is a tribute to Saina Nahewal.


No champion peaks overnight. The champion is prepared. It burns in the fire and shines like gold. The same is true of Saina Nahewal. Saina is the daughter of Usha and Harveer Singh, who live in Haryana. The couple's darling Saina, who came to Hyderabad from Haryana, made history in 2015. He became the first badminton player to be ranked No. 1 in the world. Saina is the second player after Prakash Padukone to do so. Saina is only 31 years old. If you are interested in sports then you must know a lot about Saina Nehwal. You will know about her achievements, struggles, coach Pullela Gopichand and how a girl from a middle class family made her parents' dreams come true.

It is said that in every story there is still something to be said. Saina was once very wounded. At that time her mother said, "You are Saina Nahewal. You are a lion. Don't let the world and media think of anything else. Illusion is the biggest enemy. Don't let doubt take root in your heart." This is the same mother whose ambitions made her daughter No. 1 in the world. This is the beginning of Saina. A mother who is optimistic and this same hope helps Saina.

Most sports drama films tell a straight shot story, especially in a biopic. Born this way, raised this way, then training and then winning. Amol Gupte has also kept his film simple. The film does not even try to touch on the controversy surrounding Saina's alleged rival PV Sindhu. There is no mention of PV Sindhu anywhere in the film. Clearly the director wanted to avoid controversy. This film is the story of Saina's life and the effort has been to show the color of patriotism in the story of the film.

Imagination is very important in a film. There are a lot of scenes in it that make you think it really happened? In one scene, a mother kills her 12-year-old daughter because she is happy to have won a runner-up medal. Dad explains to him why it is necessary to win. The story unfolds one after the other as parents seek to fulfill their dreams through children.

The film does not portray Saina's struggle as great and does not portray her victory as the best. Amol Gupte is trying to show through a simple story that Saina continued to do her job as a player. She kept playing. It is difficult to entertain an audience by providing entertainment in a simple story. However, Amol has succeeded in doing this. In the film, the director has done a great job with the children. Especially 10 year old Nisha Kaur from Mumbai who has played the childhood role of Saina has seen good tuning.

Nisha Kaur's acting in the film is interesting. It shows Saina's childhood as well as honed her skills so that she looks good on the screen. As for Parineeti Chopra, it was difficult for her to take on the role of badminton champion as she had very little time to learn the technique of the game and take the rest of the training. In many places the defect is visible in his eyes.

Parineeti has done a very good job. He has tried very hard to physically fit himself into the character. The most difficult task for Amol Gupte was to make Saina Nehwal's story instinctively entertaining as there is no controversy attached to Saina's life as well as her life has been transparent. There is not much struggle in the story of Saina, who plays the mane around the world, because her parents were very supportive. There is also a loving sister, a large group of friends and a husband (Parupalli Kashyap) who has become a cheerleader for Saina.

Saina grew up as a winner from childhood. There is no conflict that can touch the heart of the audience. However, Amol Gupte has tried to portray Saina as a 'lion' throughout the film. There is no doubt that this film could have been made more memorable but it seems to be failing to inspire the youth.

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