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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Holi 2021: The price of just one gujiya is 1200 rupees? Know its specialties and recipe!

The festival of Holi is near and Gujiya is not mentioned, it is not possible. 
Gujiya is a deep fried dessert, which is made from maida, khoya, dry fruits and sugar. Most people make it at home on the occasion of Holi. By now you may have heard of Deep Fried Gujiya, Sugar Free Gujiya and Baked Gujiya, but do you know about Bahubali Gujiya? The price of this one gujiya is 1200 rupees. Know what is so special about this Gujia -

It is being known by the name of Bahubali Gujia that this Gujia will be very big in size. Your guess is absolutely correct. Actually, the size of this Gujia is 14 inches, which weighs 1.5 kg. Khoya, saffron, almonds, pistachios and sugar are used in it. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to make it. This is the reason why this special type of gujiya has been named Bahubali Gujia and its price has been fixed at Rs. 1200.

Special Challenge was held

In order to make this Gujiya accessible to the people, a competition was organized recently in a shop of sweets and namkeen in Lucknow. In this, the youth had to finish Bahubali Gujia in 8 minutes. According to the Times report, Ravindra Gupta, the owner of a shop named Chhappan Bhog, organized this competition. Ravindra Gupta says that he brings something new idea every year so that people can be surprised.

Baby gujiya

This shop offers sweets of up to 50 thousand with many varieties of sweets, including Baby Gujiya. Its size is very small. Please tell that this gujiya is 1.5 inches. But this year you also have the option of Bahubali Gujia. Apart from Chappan Bhog, you will also get many such varieties which are famous all over the world.

 Exotica Desert

Exotica, which is found in Chhappan Bhog, is famous for the highest price with the Desert flavor. Exotica dessert is much smaller than a core, but it costs 50 thousand rupees a kg. 7 to 8 types of ingredients are used in it. Blueberries from America, macadamia nuts from South Africa and Australia , hazelnuts from Europe, pine nuts, saffron and mamara almonds are used in this dessert 

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