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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Why is toilet paper is of white color…. Why not red-green! Here is the answer

You have always seen one thing common in hotel, airport, home washroom and that is toilet paper. 
There is the same type of toilet paper everywhere and even its color is the same. It has rarely happened that you have used toilet paper of any color other than white. By the way, everywhere there is toilet paper of white color, very rarely this happens when you have to use red, blue, green or any other colored toilet paper.

But, have you ever wondered why it is white in color? Why companies making toilet paper make toilet paper of white color only. Actually, there are many reasons behind this, due to which the color of toilet paper is white. In such a situation, today we are giving you the answer as to why this happens.

How is it made?

Before telling the story of toilet paper being white, let us tell you how this toilet paper is made. Toilet paper is made of cellulose fiber, which is made directly from trees or by recycling paper. First, a paper is made through this fiber and then it is sold in the market with some design and cutting.

Why is it white?

The reasons for the toilet paper being white have been stated in many reports. There are three main reasons why toilet paper is white. The first reason is because when it is made it is bleached. Because of bleaching it has a white color. If it has to be colored, it has to be dyed, that is, it has to be dyed. Its expenses can be very high for the company, in which case it is sold in the white market.

It is not that only to save expenses, companies keep it white. The reason for keeping it white is also that colored toilet paper is considered good according to health and doctors are also asked to use white toilet paper. It is believed that colored toilet paper is not good enough for your skin, so white toilet paper is recommended.

Apart from these, one reason is also told that it is also very beneficial according to the environment. White paper is considered eco-friendly and it is also very easy to decompose. Companies bleach it with hydrogen peroxide, which causes it to turn white and for this reason it is also very soft.

Colored toilet paper used to come first

Many reports say that colored toilet paper is used in the 50s. It was designed in the hotel based on the color of the tile, theme, towels, etc. However, their practice gradually came to an end and now only white toilet paper is used.

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