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Monday, March 22, 2021

Government's big decision! Now Aadhaar is not necessary for these works

The government has notified new rules regarding getting Digital Life Certificate for pension-seeking elderly. 
Now the Aadhaar has been made voluntary for the pensioners to get the Jeevan Pramaan letter digitally. The government has volunteered Aadhaar authentication for better administration operations (social welfare, innovation, knowledge) under Nimay 2020 with its instant messaging solution app 'Sandesh' (Sandes) and for attendance at public offices.

The notification issued by the Ministry of Electronics and IT on 18 March states that the authenticity of Aadhaar for life proof will be on voluntary basis and organizations using it should find alternative ways to give life certificates. In this case, NIC will have to comply with Aadhar Law 2016, Aadhaar Regulation 2016 and Office Memorandum and circulars and guidelines issued by UIDAI from time to time.

Digital Life Certificate launched for pensioners

The life certificate for pensioners was started when many elders had to travel long before the pension disbursing agency to get the pension for the truth of their survival. Or he had to bring a life certificate from where he has been working and had to deposit it with the pension disbursing agency.

After getting the facility of issuing life certificates in a digital way, the pensioners themselves got rid of the imperative of taking long journey to appear before the concerned organization or agency.

But many pensioners have now complained in this case that due to lack of Aadhaar card, they have to face difficulty in getting pension or their thumb impression is not matching. For this, where some government organizations had taken an alternative route in 2018, now through the notification issued, Aadhaar has been made voluntary for issuing digital life certificate.

Aadhaar becomes optional in the Messages app

The Ministry of Electronics and IT has made Aadhaar optional for users of the instant messaging solution Sandes app developed by the National Informatics Center. Aadhaar authentication in the message is on a voluntary basis and user organizations will provide alternative means of verification.

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