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Monday, March 22, 2021

Be Careful: Use of more earphones can cause this dangerous problem!

Sometimes talking to someone on mobile, sometimes it is common to use earphones while listening to favorite music. 
You must have seen such young people around you, who keep earphones in their ears constantly ... maybe you will also do so. If you use most of the earphones, then problems can be clouded. Because overuse of earphones can damage your ears. It can also make you deaf. Let us tell you the disadvantages of using earphones. 

Chance of infection: Hearing a song for a long time can also cause an infection in the ear. Whenever you share earphones with someone, then be sure to clean with sanitizer after that.

Deafness problem: Frequent use of earphones reduces hearing ability by 40 to 50 decibels. The eardrum begins to vibrate. There is a problem in hearing distant sounds. Even this can cause deafness.

All earphones have high decibel waves. By using which you can lose the ability to listen forever.

Mental problems: Hearing a song in a loud voice also increases the risk of mental problems, heart disease and cancer.

Bad effect on the mind too : Hearing a song for a long time with earphones also has a bad effect on the mind. Use earphones sparingly to avoid these serious problems.

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