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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Do not make these mistakes while wearing underwear, you can be a victim of serious disease

People hesitate to talk about underwear. 
Because of this, we do not have complete information related to underwear. Due to this, we have to face many problems. Many people do not wash their underwear for a long time. If you do this too, be alert immediately.

Your small mistakes can make you suffer from serious latent diseases and problems. You should take precautions in the maintenance of your underwear. You should never wear an under wear tight fitting. Wearing tight-fitting underwear suppresses the veins around your genitals. This can disrupt blood flow. 

Avoid fancy fabric underwear

Never see fashion in underwear. Many times people get caught in fancy underwear. This can also cause problems. Underwear in fabrics like satin, lace or spandex are very harmful. The air does not cross through it. Because of this, you start having infection problems in the genitals.

Do not use chemical-rich detergents

Some things should always be kept in mind while washing underwear. Never wash your underwear with other clothes. Because the aromatic detergent used in clothes gets into the fabric of your underwear. This causes problems like severe itching, red spots and burning sensation on your genitals.

Wet underwear

You must have seen many people wear clothes without drying them properly. Wearing wet clothes is always harmful for health. Especially wearing wet underwear. If you do not wear your underwear dry well, you may have a number of hidden problems. Wearing wet and sweaty underwear greatly increases the risk of irritation and yeast infection.

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