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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Beware: Do not make the mistake of eating food wrapped in newspaper, you can die from cancer

Health Care Tips: If you eat food after keeping it in the newspaper, then immediately you need to be careful. 
Eating food kept in newspaper can cause you a dangerous disease like cancer. Often people keep food wrapped in newspapers while traveling. So that they can consume it later, but they are completely oblivious to the harm caused by keeping food in the newspaper. Not only this, many shopkeepers keep the food and drink items in the newspaper, while some people use the newspaper to wipe the oil of bhatura while eating chickpeas.

But they do not know how much harm they are doing to their bodies by doing so.
Have you ever thought that it is right or wrong to keep food items wrapped in newspaper? In fact, keeping food wrapped in newspaper can be very harmful for your health. Let us tell you why it is harmful to keep food in newspaper. 

Many sensations have been made about the harm caused by eating food in newspapers. It has been found in these senses that by keeping food in the newspaper, you can have a dangerous disease like cancer from the mine. FSSAI, the food-monitoring organization, has issued guidelines on the harm caused by keeping food in the newspaper. People are forbidden to keep food in newspaper.

FSSAI has said that you can use aluminum foil paper instead of newspaper to keep or pack food. This paper is designed to pack food. FSSAI has appealed to the people to appeal to other people to make them aware.

Chemical is used in newspaper ink such as E isobutyl phtalate, dyne isobutylate. Not only this, other chemicals are added to the color to deepen its ink. When you eat and keep food items on a newspaper, its ink sticks to the food.

Especially hot food becomes more dangerous than keeping it on newspaper. Due to the food being hot, the bioactive elements present in the chemical are activated in the food kept in the newspaper. They enter the body with food. They harm the body.

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