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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Drinking tea in disposals is very dangerous, can be a victim of cancer

Tea in Disposal Glass is Harmful: Tea brings freshness to your body, but buying tea in the market can also cause deep damage to your body. 
Tea is an integral part of people's lives and drinking it energizes your body. If you take a cup of tea in the morning, then it makes your day.

People drink tea in many forms. This includes milk tea, green tea, ginger tea and lemon tea. But do you know that buying tea in the market and drinking it can cause deep damage to your body. Actually, the trend of drinking tea in disposals or plastic glasses has increased in the market nowadays.

You will go to any shop, getting tea in an earthen ax is almost closed. Tea is now available in plastic glasses at the tea shop. However, drinking tea in a glass of disposal is so dangerous that it can even lead to cancer and can even kill you. After pouring hot tea in the disposal, its chemical goes into people's stomachs.

Doctors say, frequent consumption of tea in plastic cups increases the risk of kidney and liver cancer. The acids found in the cup reach inside the stomach through tea and get deposited in the intestines. Your digestive system is badly affected by this. Disposal may be easy to use, but daily use can ruin your health.

Explain that disposable glasses are made of poly-stearin. When we put hot tea in these disposals, some of its elements go into our stomach. This increases the chances of getting cancer. The metrocemin present in the cup of disposal is very harmful for a chemical body called bird ethyl dexin. Pregnant women and their children are at great risk of loss. 

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