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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Talk on the phone constantly, be careful immediately, brain tumors can cause death.

Health Care Tips: Today's youth often enter their smartphones. 
Some people use the smartphone throughout the day and day. 
Smartphone has become an important part of our life today. We cannot live without phone even for a moment. But do you know that the phone with which we spend many hours continuously can become fatal to our health.

We talk to friends and family over the phone for several hours. This phone is having a serious impact on our health today. If you use the phone for many hours, then it is not only affecting your  eyes but is also spoiling your nights sleep. The living proof of smartphone additions is proof.

Brain tumor problem may occur after 10 years

Experts say that after 10  years  of continuous talk for half an hour by applying the smartphone to the ear, you doubled your chances of having a brain tumor .  The need for a smartphone gives a place in our lives that we probably never want to remove . But before that we need to think about our health.

Wasting eyes on smartphone

By constantly using the smartphone,  we are unaware that the system inside us can kill us by using more smartphones . This affects our eyes. Smartphone is  becoming the cause of brain tumor today . A professor at IIT Mumbai has claimed in a study that a human can die from brain tumor.

Brain tumor can kill you

Research has  mentioned that  the number of deafness and brain tumor patients in the country is increasing today .  Talking on mobile for a long time causes the ears to heat up . This causes  microwave radiation to enter our body. Due to this the  blood of  our ear lobe gets heated . As soon as  the temperature of blood  increases by 1  degree Celsius,  the problem of ear  pain starts . Its final stage takes the form of a brain tumor. If you do not get the right treatment from this serious disease, you can die.

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