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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Be Careful: If you don't eat breakfast in the morning, increased risk of brain haemorrhage

Health Care Tips: There are many people who do not eat breakfast in the morning. 
Many times he ignores it in a hurry, then many times eat lunch directly. If you are also involved in such people, then you need to be careful immediately. If you keep doing this continuously, it can increase your risk of brain haemorrhage.

Everyone knows that the brain in our body gives us the ability to work. But if there is any problem in the mind, then it directly affects our thoughts, memory, sensation. For this reason, the most important thing is to keep your mind healthy. If the brain itself is not healthy, then we can become a victim of brain damage.

You may be wondering how we will know that our brain can get damaged. We are going to tell you about similar habits, which can cause brain damage. Let us know that we often forget our breakfast in a hurry. It directly affects our brain. Our brain does not get the nutrients it receives due to not having breakfast.

Avoid eating too much food

Due to this, our brain is not able to function properly. This can cause problems like brain haemorrhage. Which can also kill our life. Apart from not having breakfast in the morning, if you eat more food, it not only increases your weight. Rather it affects our brain's ability to work.

Do not use your mobile too much

Let us know that our intake of calories increases our chances of loss of memory. Apart from this, excessive use of mobile phones also affects our brain. While on the one hand, you are at risk of serious illness such as sleeplessness and depression, on the one hand, more phone usage increases the chances of brain tumor.

Avoid eating too much salt

Consuming too much salt can cause many diseases. This increases the blood pressure, due to which your memory is reduced and there is a risk of brain stroke. Brain stroke causes damage to your brain. Therefore, you have often heard about eating balanced food from the doctor's mouth.

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