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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Your feet will tell about you what disease you are a victim of, if these signs appear do not ignore

Most of the time we pay enough attention to the face, hands and the rest of the body but we pay very little attention to the legs. 
This may be the reason why we tend to overlook the symptoms and signs associated with feet. But this mistake of yours can lead to a big illness. Yes. People's illness can be known based on the problems that occur in the legs. You may be surprised to know that there is a specialist doctor for foot problems. Called a podiatrist. But you don't have to go to the doctor to find out about your health, you just have to recognize these signs.

What your feet say about health

Dry skin-

If the soles of your feet or the skin of your feet are very dry, tearing. If the crust appears, this is a sign of thyroid disease. Thus ADOs tend to erupt due to the change of seasons. With weight gain, some effect is seen in the hands. Even if there is a problem in seeing, consult a doctor.

Frequent barefoot-

Frequent emptying of the legs means that not enough blood reaches the place. Which can also be the cause of peripheral arterial disease. If you often feel empty in the legs, do not ignore these signs. Diabetes can also cause symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Appearance of black spots on toenails-

It is normal for your toes to get crushed somewhere or for something big to fall on your toes and cause black spots. But if it appears without any injury, you need to go to the doctors. This can also be a sign of melanoma, i.e. skin cancer. Changing the color of toenails is also a symptom of a fungal infection.

Swollen feet-

Pregnant women tend to have inflammatory problems in the last days of pregnancy. Such a problem often occurs even after a long journey. But if the legs are swollen for a long time without any reason, it is necessary to go to the doctors. Because, it may be a sign of disease connected with blood flow or connected with blade clot. Swelling in the legs can also be caused by kidney disease.

Leg pain, especially in the morning-

Many people complain of leg pain in the morning. There can be many reasons for this. Which may be due to muscle strain. In addition, the occurrence of water in the body can also cause pain in the legs.

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