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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Follow these measures to avoid Saturn's misery, the God of justice will be pleased

It is believed that Saturn planets give negative and positive effects in a person's life. 
It is said in astrology that Shani Dev also gives fruits to the kind of deeds a person performs. Giving good fruits to those who do good deeds and bad fruits to those who do bad deeds is the main task of the God of justice Shani Dev. In order to remain blessed by Shani Dev, remedies are done for the planet Saturn. It is said that Lord Shani's grace can be attained through measures to please Saturn. Those who are troubled by the ill effects of Saturn, they should take remedies for Saturn. It is believed that Shanidev's remedies are very effective. Today we tell you that by adopting which measures you can please Shani Dev.

Remedy for Saturn

  • Worshiping Shani Dev after sunset is considered more fruitful. The experts of astrology also advise that worship of Shani Dev and remedies of Saturn should be done at sunset only.
  • On Saturday evening, offer water to the root of the Peepal tree. Then light a mustard oil lamp while meditating on Shanidev. After this, also chant the mantras of Shani Dev.
  • Take a bowl of mustard oil on Saturday. See your image in this oil. Then donate this oil to some poor or needy person. If you want, you can come to Shani Dev's temple by lighting a lamp with this oil.
  • According to the scriptures, after slipping on Saturday, drink black beverages to the leprosy patients and if possible donate black clothes to them. It is considered best to don black warm clothes in winter.
  • Take seven types of cereals on Saturday. Then rotate it with your head seven times. Then donate this grain to the birds living at the crossroads. Do this daily, if not possible, then do this remedy on Saturday.

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