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Monday, February 8, 2021

This is a golden opportunity to buy scooty, buy two scooty from here for Rs 50000

Sometimes it happens that a person needs more than one vehicle at home. 
Sometimes the number of people going out of the house is more than one, then every person thinks that if there was more than one vehicle, it would be relaxed, but the pocket does not bear witness to this. Today we will tell you such a super deal at a low price, which will come out of your mouth after listening…

Buy scooty from here at low price

Scooty is a vehicle that can be used by everyone, although in today's normal age women have also started using bikes, but to some extent women still hesitate to ride bikes, so Scooty is such a tool , Which can be run by both men and women. Let us tell you that platform drum, selling second-hand bike, Scooty, has taken an offer, where the 2014 model's YAMAHA RAY-Z 110 CC is available for just Rs 28000. This scooty is being sold by a Delhi owner who has so far run 17,480 km. This vehicle gives a mileage of 62 KMPL. The engine of the vehicle is 113 CC, Max Power 7BHP and wheel size is 10 inches. Apart from this, there is another good deal, which has a 2014 model, the vehicle is HONDA ACTIVA 110 CC. This car has run 36000 km. It is priced at Rs 21,300. This vehicle gives a mileage of 55KMPL. Car Engine 109 CC,

Vehicle junk policy will be implemented soon

Let us tell you that the voluntary vehicle junk policy is going to be started in the country very soon. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that with this policy, the business of Indian automobile industry will grow by 30 percent to Rs 10 lakh crore in the coming years. Under this policy, fitness test will be done in 20 years for private vehicles and 15 years for commercial vehicles. Gadkari is going to detail this policy soon.

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