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Friday, February 19, 2021

IAS Interview questions: What will you buy in 10 rupees that will fill the whole room?

IAS Interview questions:
 All the students who have applied for the UPSC Civil Services Exam want to become IAS but not everyone's dream is fulfilled, there are many types of student to pass the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Hurdles have to go through. Not only the exam, but after the exam, an interview has to be given.

UPSC interview is also very difficult and many times candidates fail in it and lose their jobs. Keeping these things in mind, we are telling you about the trick question asked in the interview. It is not necessary that these questions will be asked in the interview but through these questions you can understand the pattern of exam very well.


 1. What is the thing that we get free once but not the second time?

2. If a boy proposes to a girl, then proposing would come under the category of crime?

3. Two boys from the same mother were born at the same time but she is not a twin?

4. A child born in Lahore, Pakistan, yet he is not a Pakistani?

5. Why Do Lawyers Wear Black Coat?

6. What would you do if a boy wanted to take a selfie with you in the office?

7. What is something that is bought for eating but not eaten?

8. If you are a DM and you come to know that two trains are crowded, what will you do?

9. Which animal's milk is pink in color?

10. What will you buy for 10 rupees, which will fill the entire room?


1. teeth

2. No sir. Proposing in any section of the IPC is not classified as a crime.

3. Three children are the third girl born together, due to which they will be called triplex. In such a situation, both boys will not be called twins.

4. The child was born before 1947 when Lahore was not in Pakistan.

5. Black coat shows discipline and confidence.

6. Female candidate said that they will be told in training how to behave in different situations.

7. Platte

8. First of all, we will find out which train has collided, the goods train or the passenger train will then take action.

9. Hippo

10. Can buy agarbatti for 10 rupees, what room can it fill with the scent of it, can fill the whole house.

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