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Thursday, February 25, 2021

IAS Interview Questions: Can Infected Mosquito Bites Cause AIDS?

IAS Interview Questions:
 Every year many examinations are conducted by Sandh Public Service Commission (UPSC). The most difficult test in these exams is the UPSC IAS exam. Candidates are called for interview after passing the written examination in this examination.

Then what is needed most is confidence and the ability to think 'out of the box'. Overall, it is a test to choose the best among the best. Many important and interesting questions are asked in this exam, which can make your mind shaken by seeing this. Let us tell you the 15 interesting questions asked in IAS exam and their answers.

Question 1: If your husband asks you to have 4 children, what would you say?

Question 2: Why there are only 24 hours in a day, why not 23 hours?

Question 3: What if one morning you woke up and found that you were pregnant? (Asked a female candidate)

Question 4: Where did Lord Rama celebrate his first Diwali?

Question 5: How can a man stay without sleep for eight days?

Question 6: Which part of the body that does not grow at all from childhood to growing up?

Question 7: Which country has two presidents?

Question 8: What happens if you put a red stone in the blue sea?

Question 9: Can you name three consecutive days on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday without taking names?

Question 10: Can infected mosquito bites cause AIDS?

Answer 1: I will first explain to her (husband) that this is not right. Even if they do not agree, I will not speak to them with Right to Reject rights. Because population increases due to more children, family planning is the most successful and necessary.

Answer 2: The Earth takes 24 hours to rotate on its axis, which we assume one day and that's why in one day we assume it one day.

Answer 3: I will be very happy and celebrate the good news with my husband.

Answer 4: Diwali started after Rama, so he did not celebrate Diwali.

Answer 5: He sleeps at night

Answer 6: Eye

Answer 7: Sana Marin

Answer 8: The stone will be wet and will sink.

Answer 9: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Answer 10: AIDS virus does not remain alive in the stomach of mosquitoes. The digestive system of the mosquito will digest and destroy it. If a mosquito bites a healthy person after biting an HIV positive, the infection will not spread.

Endomologist Dr. MM Mahobia says that not every mosquito is the carrier (carrier) of every virus. Just as the female Anaphylis mosquito only spreads malaria but not dengue and chikungunya, the Aedes egypti mosquito that spreads dengue and chicken gunya does not spread malaria. This is because all kinds of viruses are not able to protect within every mosquito.

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