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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Girlfriend gave birth to child, boyfriend absconded with mother, you will be shocked knowing the story

Till date, you must have heard many stories of heartbreak and infidelity. 
One can understand the pain of breakup with whom this deception has been done. But what if the real mother also gets involved in this deception? So it is very difficult to guess the pain. One such case came out of England these days, which has shocked everyone.

The case is between a lover and lover named Jess Aldridge of England and Ryan Shelton. Actually, it happened that the love affair of these two was going on, but there is definitely a villain in every love relationship. In his story, the girl's mother played the villain. Now a mother becomes an enemy of her daughter, it is bound to surprise anyone.

24-year-old Jess Aldridge loved her boyfriend Ryan Shelton. There was a very good bond of love between the two. Ryan lived with his girlfriend Jess. You can guess their love that Jess Aldridge was about to give birth to Ryan's second child. But then something happened that is enough to blow anyone's senses.

When Jess returned home from the hospital on January 28, she learned that she had escaped with Ryan and her 44-year-old mother, Georgina, according to the English website Metro. Both have shifted to a new house 48 km from there. Hearing this, the ground slipped under Jess's feet.

Jess told how a mother can do well with her child? A nanny should love her grandson, not her father, Jess also told that her mother often flirted with Ryan. Ryan also often said that mother should stay with us. But this relationship between these two will take such a turn that I had no idea about this.

When Jess gave birth to Ryan's son, Ryan's message came a little later and he spoke about ending the relationship. Jess was shocked to read this. On this whole matter, Jess's mother said that we cannot decide who we should love. For information, let us know that Ryan and Jess's mother have now shifted to a new house. With this, both of them made their relationship known on Facebook.

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